Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Last night....

Last night was smoked mackerel and pasta. I found out, as I had surmised due to the length of time finding out anyway, that I had come second in the competition to get a job that I really wanted, and am disappointed in that. The warmed cherry tomatoes that I cooked burst in our mouths with brightness and freshness, and it was that, and the fullness and bite of the just-right pasta and lemony olive oil (expertly drained by Babe), rather than the richness of the smoked mackerel that gave me the most happiness, and made me keep going back for more bowls of comfort.

My sadness is of course shallow in comparison to the news that I just found out, that a dear friend has lost her mother. I let her know about our baby’s upcoming first birthday party. Maybe celebrating the life such a young human being can give a tiny little bit of balance to such news, and indirectly pays tribute to the life of people who have left us. I do hope that’s not trivialising the sadness of death and loss.

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