Thursday, 22 February 2007

Porridge refusal and some dissapointing boreks

Not too hungry this morning, and the baby did not feel like eating porridge again. She has dismissed our offers of porridge, a food that I thought would mark the start of every morning of her childhood over the next few years, for the last four days. So I did not have to make porridge this morning. Instead, she was offered banana, yoghurt and raw oats, which she rejected in favour of a breast feed. I had a cup of orange pekoe tea, and 3 ryvita crackers (the multigrain sort) with tehina.

I thank Babe for the suggestion of tehina instead of peanut butter, which I love, but find too heavy and, in large quantities, junky. I’m not good at just taking a smear of it. Tehina is more refreshing than its muddy looks are evidence of, and
doesn’t invite big globs to be smeared on things. I found the tea the best part of the breakfast though.

Lunch was just some boreks in the otherwise brilliant foodhall of Queen Vic Market, and I had the same experience with them as I alway do, although I am aware of their colossal reputation – I always find them oily and not too generous with the fillings, and tend to be disappointed and full after eating them.

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